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Smoothie Time

Hi there, 

Let's start this week with a healthy habit! A fresh smoothie in one of our Whiskey glasses, just to be stylish ❤️



- Frozen strawberries

- Fresh blueberries

- Fresh orange juice

- 1 Banana
You can add some ice cubes if you want, or some proteins and than you can take it after your sport😉
  1. In blender, combine strawberries, blueberries, orange juice and ice cubes.
  2. Blend until smooth, scraping down side of container occasionally.

If you want to make it more peps than we have the Bramble cocktail for you! 


- Gin (1,5 of the glass)

- Blackberry likeur (0,5 of the glass)

- Sugar Syrup (10ml)

- Lemon juice (half a lemon)

The Bramble cocktail is a classic GIN COCKTAIL. You have to make this cocktail in the glass. Start with the lemon juice. You can add a little sugar syrup and the gin. Add some ice cubes and stir. Afterwards comes the blackberry likeur, this is goes right down the glass because it's heavier. This will give your cocktail a beautiful red color. You can finish off your cocktail with some fresh fruits on top! 


There you go! 2 ways you can use our stylish glasses! Enjoy your smoothie of your cocktail 🍸


Made with LOVE - Cleo

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