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Hooray! - Scented candle

Hooray! - Scented candle

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You're just one step away from the bright side!

PERFECT GIFT - Just light up - literally! It is the perfect, original gift to pamper yourself or others.

DESIGN SCENT CANDLE - The glass scented candle is packed in a suitable packaging. The matching design is perfectly suitable for all gift moments. The candlelight will remain lit for 45 hours.

SOJA WAX BLEND AND VEGAN - All our candles are made from the best ingredients, a blend of soy wax mixed with our scent of essential oils. The candle has a cotton wick and of course our scented candle is 100% vegan.

SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE - The scented candle is 650 grams with our signature scented grapefruit, patchouli and watermelon. And if you don't know how this scent smells, we promise it is a wonderful scent.